At RoundTable, we value our employees and their contributions. We are committed to enriching their lives through collaborative culture, development, recognition, and shared incentives.

The RoundTable Team


Transaction Team
Operating Team
Administration & Support


Medical Products
Pharmaceuticals & Consumer Health
  • Richard C. Adloff

    Richard C. Adloff

    Operating Partner

  • Jawwad A. Akhtar

    Jawwad A. Akhtar


  • Erika Andino

    Erika Andino

    Finance Manager

  • Billy Barth

    Billy Barth


  • Connor Brown

    Connor Brown


  • Donna Calandra

    Donna Calandra

    Support Team

  • Fouad Abou Chakra

    Fouad Abou Chakra

    Senior Vice President, Manufacturing

  • Sue Cho

    Sue Cho

    Vice President, Controller

  • R. Craig Collister

    R. Craig Collister

    Managing Partner

  • Sue Cresto

    Sue Cresto

    Support Team

  • Joseph F. Damico

    Joseph F. Damico

    Founding Partner & Senior Advisor

  • James Dorman

    James Dorman


  • Erlene Dungan

    Erlene Dungan

    Manager, Fund Compliance & Reporting

  • Pierre Fréchette

    Pierre Fréchette

    Managing Partner

  • Caitlin Greene

    Caitlin Greene

    Human Resources Manager

  • Patrick Healy

    Patrick Healy

    Vice President

  • Andrew B. Hochman

    Andrew B. Hochman

    Senior Partner

  • Michelle Huff

    Michelle Huff

    Accounting Analyst

  • Todd Hutsko

    Todd Hutsko

    Senior Vice President, Consumer Health

  • Thomas P. Kapfer

    Thomas P. Kapfer

    Managing Partner

  • Lester B. Knight

    Lester B. Knight

    Founding Partner

  • Matthew Kohut

    Matthew Kohut

    Senior Vice President, Sales and Customer Relationships

  • David J. Koo

    David J. Koo

    Senior Advisor

  • Kelly Glascott

    Kelly Glascott

    Support Team

  • Johanna Luna

    Johanna Luna

    Support Team

  • Steven B. Merkin

    Steven B. Merkin

    Senior Vice President, Human Resources

  • Christian Oberst

    Christian Oberst

    Senior Associate

  • Phillip S. Smith II

    Phillip S. Smith II


  • Barbara Sullivan

    Barbara Sullivan

    Operating Partner, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer